Bill Payment

ePayit Bill : Payment Services and Presentation of invoices, allows increase the relationship with customers by 30%, reduces the cost of distribution of invoices by 50%, allowing customers can easily check and pay their bills.
Be part of our large network of invoice makers that rely on us to satisfy the demands of their consumers, allowing you to manage your invoices and payments from anywhere in the world and from any device. We offer a wide range of convenience for electronic payment so you can get the loyalty of your customers while increasing their profits.


We offer automation and centralized control of the reconciliation of all payments you receive through other payment channels reducing your operating costs.

Integrations from IVR
Interactive Voice Response (IVR), allows your customers to make inquiries and payments through a telephone.
Points of Physical Payments
Use our extensive network of physical points in different geographical areas of the country, accepting cash payments without any risk and receive the deposit of these payments the next working day in your bank of preference.
You have a solution or portal through which you simply wish to join our network of services, ePayit Bill, has a series of API (Application Program Interface) through which you can enable queries and payments.
Give your consumers a fast, easy and secure way to manage their mobile payments. The number of adults who use their smartphones to manage their lives and finances continues to grow rapidly. Mobile payments have been shown to reduce the number of customers who rely on expensive paper bills, and who establish stronger relationships with their customers.
ePayit Call center
It offers a single point of contact online for the management of the presentation of invoices, payment and customer service in all channels. Save time for your customer service representatives, as they can see more quickly and manage account information, no matter how consumers pay their bills, electronic consumer payment queries or service payments.
The payment for the website is still the preference of online consumers for the majority, and payments ePayit's web offers a range of convenient payment services rich in convenient features on the Internet. You can notify customers when the invoices are on the payment date and direct them to your website where they can see, pay and manage their invoices. The system detects whether customers are using a desktop or Mobile Devices and automatically sends them to the appropriate standard or website optimized for the device. The use of online payment processing systems ensures that payments are fully PCI compliant and regularly audited.

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